abc Bildungszentrum
English Grammar course- day course

In this course you will consolidate your knowledge of grammar and receive an overview of the structure of the English language.  Our systematic varied teaching methods offer the chance to review and deepen important aspects of the grammar as well as immediate application in authentic practice situations.

Target group:

People who, although they understand and speak English, have never had formal lessons. People who would like to strengthen and deepen their grammatical knowledge.

Objectives: Understanding and confident use of at least A2 level grammar.
Level: At abc Bildungszentrum we place great emphasis on the most accurate leveling established to ensure your optimal success. The level test is ideally carried out with your application. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

4 weeks


5-10 max.

Trainers: University-educated trainers (only native speakers) with a solid teaching experience.

Friday, 14:00 to 17:00

Degree: abc certificate
Course fee: 160,--
All materials are included in the price.