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Business English Course (Module C): Trading, Commodities, Idioms, e-Commerce- intensive Course

This course covers the management of global business and international trading of commodities, specific business terms, idioms and the world of e-commerce.

The Business English course consists of a mixture of business topics and business conversation. Although “Grammar” will not be the main focus of the course it will be taught along with relevant vocabulary.

We will use a variety of material sources from Business English books, the internet, newspapers, magazines and recorded news broadcasts. In addition to the normal reading, discussions and exercises we will also be playing some business games, doing a lot of group work and possibly some role-plays.

Target group:

The Business English courses are ideal for people with solid knowledge using their language in a business environment. People either looking for a job in an English-speaking country or just improve their career opportunities by gaining security in the language and their ability to interact by gaining leading discussions capability and presentation competences.

Objectives: to use Business English in the profession successfully

At least level B1

Level: At abc Bildungszentrum we place great emphasis on the most accurate leveling established to ensure your optimal success. The level test is ideally carried out with your application. Please contact us to arrange an appointment

4 weeks


5-12 participants

Trainers: University-educated trainer (only native speaker) with a solid teaching experience.

Mon-Fri, 11.00-14.00

Degree: abc certificate
Course fee: € 550,--
All materials are included in the price